Connect 4

A Connect 4 group is the simplest way you can bring the love of Jesus to your friends simply by doing what you typically would do in the normal course of your weekly routine.


How does it work?

Just do what you would normally do and invite someone along. Maybe you're a runner or go to the gym or walk the dog or go on a motor bike trip or even have coffee at your favourite coffee house, these are great ways to include someone in your world, and all it takes is an invitation from you.


How Often should we meet?

We like to say you should meet up once per fortnight but this is totally flexible!


What do I have to do?

Do what you normally do in any catchup, but just be sure to chat about each others journey in life, what has inspired you and maybe even pray for each other. If you have people who are not familiar with the faith be sensitive to that but allow Holy Spirit to speak through you.



When you do meet just drop us a line and let us know that you have and how it went, we want to champion you and celebrate your successes.

We hope that you will be so blessed to finally put into practice a plan to be a witness and connect others to Jesus and the life of LIVE Church.